Ms. Kittelson 2013-2014
Accelerated Reader and Sustained Silent Reading
At MSA-3, Accelerated Reader (AR) is part of the Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) curriculum for students in grades 9-11 (it's optional for students in grade 12). Accelerated Reader is a program that allows students to read and take quizzes on books that lie within their Zones of Proximal Development (ZPD). To determine their ZPD, students take the STAR Reading Test every six weeks.

During SSR, students read books within their ZPD and afterward take quizzes on those books to meet their word-count and point goals (see below). While students may read books both at school and at home, they may take the summative quizzes only at school under the supervision of a teacher. Also, they may only take quizzes on books they read now -- not last year.

Below are some tools to help teachers, students and parents make the most of Accelerated Reader and SSR at MSA-3.

Accelerated Reader Book Finder
"Book Scanner" App for the iPhone
Accelerated Reader Login Page for Students and Teachers
STAR Reading Test Login Page for Teachers and Administrators

Short Screenr Video Showing How to See Students' ZPDs and Input Student Goals
Short Screenr Video Showing How to Configure CoolSis Categories and Assignments

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) Syllabus - Revised

Grading Breakdown:
Class Participation 25% (Perhaps Use this Optional Class Participation Rubric)
Reading Logs and Written Assignments 25%
Reading Quiz Percentages 20%
Word Count Goal by Reading Period's End 20% (Requires 70% on Quizzes)
         (60,000 words for Grades 6-8; 120,000 words for Grades 9-11)
Overall Goal by Reading Period's End 10% (Requires 85% on Quizzes)

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) Reading Log

Read with a Purpose Tickets -- Reading log alternative for grades 9-11. Copy double-sided with definitions on the back. Cut into strips and hand one to each student who will then find an example in his or her reading

Reader's Companion -- Comprehension aid to use before taking a quiz or as a reading log alternative

Book Check-Out Procedures: Students may go to the school library (Ms. Eash's room WR) during either first or second lunch where TAs Sandra, April and Natalie will assist them, or they may catch any teacher who has a key before or after school where they may choose a book within their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) and sign it out on the sign-out sheet next to the classroom computer. The TAs will enter that info into the computer during their next shift.

Regarding books that lie outside of a student's ZPD: Students may still read and test on them, but they might not be as successful. Students should be dissuaded from reading books below their ZPD for the purpose of testing. Each SSR teacher should use his or her discretion. The ultimate goals are improved reading and enhanced love of reading, so let's think of ways to increase, rather than decrease, student joy!

Reading Quiz Procedures: When a student finishes a book during SSR, they should alert the teacher (in whatever manner the teacher has prescribed) and then take the test for that book. Most tests consist of 10 multiple-choice questions. Some longer books come with tests that are comprised of 15 or 20 questions.

The students should know their logins. If they don't know them, you can print them out and keep them on a clipboard near your computer.

Short Screenr Video on How a Student Takes a Quiz (Including How they Recover their Username)
Short Screenr Video on How to View Student Logins and Passwords
Short Screenr Video on How to View Student Word-Count Reports
Short Screenr Video on How to View Student Quiz Averages

Teacher-Approved Sites for Student Surfing
-- For early finishers in the computer lab when students take the STAR Reading Test every six weeks

Sight Word List and Advanced Reading Practice Word List -- For decoding practice

Accelerated Reader Song