Ms. Kittelson 2013-2014

Class Participation Grading Rubric

A student's participation grade is dependent upon how much time he or she spends in the Magma Layer, which is the deepest level of concentration.

The Four Levels of Concentration:

Top Soil: You are off-task and self-conscious; your energy is in your eyes. If you and others are writing in private journals, you are looking around at what others are doing or elsewhere at what is going on around you.

Sedimentary Rock: You are beginning to get on task and are starting to "go through the motions," hoping to appear to be on task. You are engaged in low-order thinking. Your energy is moving toward your head (and eventually toward the Magma). But because you dip in and out of Top Soil, you don't yet fully move forward.

Metamorphic Rock: You are moderately engaged and are on the journey toward the Magma. Your energy is approaching your belly. Your mind and emotions are starting to merge. If you are writing in your journal, you are engaging your feelings and are writing somewhat diligently, stopping only occasionally to look around and/or to ponder.

Magma Layer: You are so engaged, you don't notice much (or anything) of what is going on around you. You are so enthralled! Your energy is in your spirit. If you are writing in your journal, it is as though your journal is writing you. This is the place where epiphanies happen (or the inklings of epiphanies which solidify later during REM sleep). When a roomful of students is in the Magma Layer during journal writing, the sound of pencil hitting page is like rain.


It is very clear to anyone observing you which layer you are in. Your posture and energy give it away. Your goal is to be in the Magma Layer as much as possible. So, be present, on time and engaged, and don't surrender to distractions. Don't let others decide who you are. The world needs you at your best!

An "A" student is in the Magma Layer 90%-100% of the time
A "B" student is in the Magma Layer 80-89% of the time
A "C" student is in the Magma Layer 67-79% of the time


Grading in this way allows for all students, no matter their challenges or gifts, to earn positive points for putting forth their best. People should be rewarded for trying, no matter their level, and no one should simply complete a product as quickly as possible and then lie back and collect dust.

Special consideration is made for those with bonafide attention issues.