Ms. Kittelson 2013-2014
Teacher-Approved Sites for Student Surfing

Finished your computer assignment early? Then feel free to surf these sites. Solve math problems; read an e-book; dissect a frog or learn grammar rules. Don't be afraid of getting into trouble as these sites have been pre-approved and deemed appropriate for students in grades 6-12.
Interactive English Grammar Quizzes
Advanced Grammar Practice
ESL (ELD) Activities I
ESL (ELD) Activities II
ESL (ELD) Activities III (British)
ESL (ELD) Listening Exercises (British)
Interactive Prefix Game
Edgar Allan Poe
William Shakespeare
Famous Poets and Poems
Molly Moccasins Stories and Games
Online Literature -- All Kinds of Classic Texts for Free
Student Literary Journals, Including MSA-3's Literary Journal Magnopia
Digital Stories
National Geographic
Physics Fun
National Geographic Maps
Math Quizzes: Grade 8+
Khan Academy
Ms. Kittelson's History Page
Famous Trials
Online Writing Lab at Purdue University
Mind Maps
Typing Practice
Free Guitar Lessons from James Taylor
Learn How to Play Chess
Learn American Sign Language