Ms. Kittelson 2013-2014
Best Practices - Secondary Grades
Student-Led Grammar Groups

Similar to how students work in heterogeneous (sometimes homogeneous) literature circles, students here worked in heterogeneous grammar groups, where they completed various exercises using a variety of tools, including workbooks.

The reasons students do such lessons in groups are multiple and include increased student engagement, practice teaching others and greater depth of understanding from teaching others.

Because if people learn most through teaching, students should do more of the teaching.

Grade 9 Grammar Group

Student-Created Puppet Shows Based on Homer's The Odyssey

In order to demonstrate their deep understanding of a chosen scene from
The Odyssey, students in Grade 9 English each wrote and designed a puppet show. This particular student, who was shy about presenting to the class, uploaded his puppet show to youtube.

VIDEO Grade 9 Puppet Show

Student-Crafted Digital Stories

As an intro to working with PhotoStory, Grade 7 students divined short autobiographies.

Grade 7 Photo Story

Reenactments of Competitions for Territory

Students in Grade 7 history class chose a medieval competition for territory, wrote a script, made costumes and props, rehearsed and presented their reenactments in class.
Metaphoric Mind Maps

Students use their knowledge of one concept to understand and explain a new concept.
Heterogeneous Reading Groups

Similar to Lit Circles, students work in groups to unearth the mysteries of a text. They use as their guide teacher-created "
How to Read a Narrative."
Creative Projects

AP Students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of a concept, such as
satire, using a medium that makes thematic sense. They were not not allowed to simply put up posters or PowerPoints. This student's project was called "Body of Satire." She sewed into various body parts the titles, descriptions and emblems of satirical works. For example, she sewed into the brain Don Quixote because of the protagonist's delusions. And the entire presentation was a parody of the TV show Grey's Anatomy.
Student Timelines of English Literature
Class Literary Journal
Songs About Academic Concepts