Ms. Kittelson 2013-2014
Journal Writing Procedures

Write the date at the beginning of every entry.

Write on both sides of every page; do not skip pages (save the trees).

Write freely about your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Remember, this is a private journal, and no one but
you will read it.

Don't stop and think too much about what to write; instead write about what you think. This particular activity is a stream-of-consciousness activity meant to encourage the tapping into of honest feelings and the use of writing as a thinking (and feeling) tool.

Don't stop writing until the writing session has ended. As long as you have thoughts and feelings, you have something to express.

Don't share your writing with anyone during class, and don't interrupt others while they are writing. The purposes of this activity are self-expression and self-discovery, not communication with others. So, please respect the sanctity of this time for private reflection.

Finally, and importantly, write the truth about your life because good writers write the truth.

Here are a few ideas on what to write about.