Ms. Kittelson 2010-2011
The Magma Layer:
The Deepest Level of Mental Concentration

One way to guage "effort" is to notice within which level of concentration the student is spending most of his or her time.

Compare the levels of mental concentration to the layers of rock:

The first level of concentration, or
topsoil layer, is where you are disctractible, unfocused, self-conscious and social. Your energy is in your eyes.

The second level, or
sedimentary rock layer, is where you have begun to think. You are cognizant of what you must do and you have begun doing it. Your energy is in your head.

The third level, or
metamorphic rock layer, is where you have begun to feel. If you are writing, you are writing quickly and you are less aware of what is going on around you. Your energy is in your belly.

The final level, or
magma layer, is where you write so quickly it's as though your piece is writing you. You are completely unaware of the room around you. You have transcended feelings and have arrived at a place of truth. You receive answers as though from a place beyond your pen. Like hot magma connects to the core of the Earth, you connect to a collective understanding. Your energy is in your spirit.

I believe that all significant learning and creating happens in the Magma Layer.

The more time a student spends in the Magma Layer, the higher his or her grade for "effort."