Ms. Kittelson 2012-2013
Timelines of English Literature

Students in AP English Literature and Composition were assigned the task of creating a Timeline of English Literature. They were to capture the full trajectory; zoom in on a few select authors, titles, genres, movements, historical events, -isms and/or a combination; choose a theme for those zoomed in on; and craft a vehicle of conveyance connected to that theme.

In the spirit of Marshall McLuhan's "the medium is the message" mantra, and as part of a lifelong quest to seek and create meaning -- rather than super-imposition and other forms of separation -- and with the belief that chords speak to the soul more profoundly than single notes, students were to avoid simple poster board and PowerPoint unless they were thematically connected.

"It is only too typical that the 'content' of the message blinds us to the characer of the medium' -- Marshall McLuhan. "And it is the character of the medium that is its potency or effect." --
Mark Federman from the University of Toronto's McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology.
A hot air balloon that traverses the world of literature, documenting the movements that fueled the works that fueled the movements much like the burner heats the air that makes the balloon rise.
A 3D timeline with mindfully color-coded eras, movements, texts and more that map the full path of both humans and their texts.
A Walk of Literary Fame that documents classic texts that inspired contemporary movies. Historical happenings are in footprints on the side.
A game of Twister where the landings are significant titles with tricky plot twists.
A Wailing Wall where the notes to G-d are texts about hope.
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