Ms. Kittelson 2010-2011

Grading Policy

Aspire applies a
60-30-10 weight system. 60% of a student's grade is based on exams, quizzes, essays and projects; 30% is classwork (which includes class participation) and 10% is homework.

This means that students earn grades based on both effort and achievement.

Effort is measured by observing how often and for how long you are in the
magma layer.

Achievement is measured one of two ways:

1) A set standard whereby:

90% correct is an A;
80% correct is a B;
70% correct is a C; and
60% correct is a D.

2) A modified curve (on occasion) whereby the mean student score is a C, no matter the percentage correct.

The rationale for using a modified curve on occasion is that students should be given due credit when the curriculum is more advanced. Grading this way allows students to aim high without putting their grades at unreasonable risk.

All curved assignments (which are few) will be curved before they are entered  into the gradebook.

Regarding late assignments: Late assignments are not accepted. If you miss an essay deadline, you must write two essays of the same genre. Their scores will be averaged and will take the place of the one missed score.

Regarding assignments missed due to excused absences: In order to negotiate a new deadline and to clarify what is due, students who have been absent must come in for a few minutes AFTER SCHOOL to speak with me, OR they may send me an e-mail. Class time will not be used to conference individually with students who have been absent as there just isn't sufficient time during class to give each student the attention he or she needs and deserves.

Thank you for your understanding. Our mutual goal is "college for certain!"